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MKM Car Leasing Pe Ltd Terms and Conditions of Rental

1. The Hirer acknowledges that the vehicle is the property of the Owner and that the vehicle is without any visible defects and in perfect running condition. The Hirer is under obligation to return the vehicle together with all tyres, tools, accessories and equipment on the pre-arranged date-earlier if requires-in as good order and condition as the vehicle was when collected by the Hirer from the Owner.

2. The Hirer shall pay to the Owner on demand the cost to repair collision and Third Party, property damage/ bodily injury excess of 552000/-. Young and inexperienced driver (Age below 25 and/ or driving experience less than 1 year) will be subjected to additional excess of S$2000/-. The insurance policy is restricted to authorized drivers with minimum age of 25 to maximum age of 70.

3. The Hirer agrees to take proper care of the vehicle and to drive the same in a careful and skilful manner observing the traffic regulations and laws and in the event of any breach thereof, the Hirer shall pay all fines and penalties which may be incurred and shall also answer all Police and Traffic Court Summonses, notices and inquires in connection therewith.

4. At all times the vehicle must be provided with sufficient fuel, engine oil, water, prescribed tyre pressure failing which the Hirer shall be liable for the full cost of repairs including loss of rental income arising from Hirer's or driver's negligence to keep vehicle in proper running condition resulting in any damage caused to the vehicle or any inconvenience caused to the Owner.

5. The vehicle must not be overloaded. When not in use the vehicle must be properly parked and locked. Tampering with the speedometer is strictly prohibited and in the event the same should ever not function properly, the Hirer is obliged to call us immediately. It is also the Hirer's responsibility to inform the Owner if vehicle parts such as number plate, lamp//amp cover, pax sticker is missing, broken, bend or dirty or tyre is bald. Failing which the Hirer shall pay all fines and penalties which may be incurred.

6. The full rental cost is payable in advance on collection of the vehicle by the Hirer. At the expiration of this Agreement, i.e. when the vehicle is returned to the location indicated in this Agreement, any additional rental charges which may have been incurred shall become due for immediate payment. Additional charge will be calculated at one-eighth the daily rate for each overdue hour for the return of the vehicle.

7. A deposit is payable by the Hirer to the Owner on collection of the vehicle by the Hirer and will only be refunded without interest to the Hirer on the termination of this Agreement provided there are no breaches of any conditions. Upon any breach by the Hirer, the Owner shall be entitled to forfeit the deposit. All outstanding amounts owing to the Owner will be deducted from the refundable deposit. The Hirer shall not be entitled to deduct or offset any outstanding rental charges or any other amount payable hereunder from the deposit during the said term.

8. The hired vehicle may only be driven by the Hirer or by the person or persons who have been expressly designated and authorised in this Agreement. The driver or drivers must be in possession of a valid driving licence and permit and shall all times drive the vehicle in accordance with all legal requirements and with the Owner standard policy of insurance which is available for inspection at the Owner's place of business for the time being it is expressly forbidden to rent the vehicle out to third persons or to let unauthorised persons or learners to use it or to allow the vehicle to be used for purposes which conflict with the law (for instance in connection with thefts, smuggling or any other criminal action) or for the purposes of test or racing. Failure to comply may entail serious consequences as the Hirer assumes full responsibility and in the event of the vehicle being seized, confiscated or forfeited under this clause the Hirer shall indemnify the Owner the full value of the vehicle.

9. The Hirer shall indemnify the Owner against all losses suffered by the Owner (including losses resulting from inability to use the vehicle or let the same on rent) in consequence of the destruction loss of theft or of damage to the vehicle prior to the vehicle being returned to the Owner.

10. The vehicle insurance cover includes TPPD Limit of S$500,000/-, Legal Liability of Passengers and Passenger Risk.

11. The Hirer or driver is obliged to inform the Owner immediately of any accident and make a report to the insurance company not later than 24 hours after the accident. The Hirer or driver must not acknowledge or compound any claim either partially or in full. It is important that they secure in names, NRIC number, address and telephone of all witnesses as well as the licence number of any and all vehicles involved in the accident. In the event that any party to the accident suffered an injury, or involved a government vehicle and/ or damage to government property, or involved a foreign vehicle or involved a pedestrian or cyclist, the local police authorities have to be informed.

12. The Hirer hereby assigns to the Owner any and all damages and insurance claims which he may have in this connection and agrees that the same be paid directly to the Owner.

13. The Owner cannot be held responsible for any damages not covered by insurance, to the Hirer and any third party in connection with the operation and the rented vehicle, as well as the loss or damage to articles stored or left in the vehicle during the rental period. The Hirer agrees to exonerate the Owner from all responsibility in connection with any loss or damage or inconvenience used by the belated delivery of the vehicle, possible motor troubles or any other causes.

14. If the vehicle is not returned on due date or if the Hirer is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the Owner shall be entitled to repossess the vehicle at the Hirer's expenses including towing and repossession charges at any time without giving him prior notice and the Hirer irrevocably authorises the Owner his servants or agents to enter into and unto any premises in which the vehicle may be in order to view, repair, inspection or to repossess the same without being liable to any actions or proceedings at the suit of the Hirer or any persons claiming under or through him.

15. The person signing the Agreement assumes full personal responsibility, along with the firm, person or organisation in whose name he might sign.

16. The Guarantor shall also be bound by all terms and conditions and undertakes to indemnify the Owner in full for all charges owned by the Hirer or in the event the vehicle is lost or forfeited, the Guarantor shall pay to the Owner in full the value of the vehicle at the time of loss and all charges and other monies payable by the Hirer.

17. No relaxation tolerance or indulgence by the Owner in enforcing any of the terms and condition of this Agreement shall prejudice or affect the rights and powers of the Owner hereunder nor shall any waiver of any breach operate as waiver of any subsequent of continuing breach.

18. In the event of any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, the parties hereto hereby agree and submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of Singapore.

19. Maintenance of vehicle, the Owner at its cost will provide, (a) Maintenance of Vehicle in good condition and repair including only normal servicing and oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer during the leasing period; (b) the schedule service shall be on every Fifteen thousand (15,000) kilometres or every six months interval, whichever comes first.

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